The Division Crafting

In this article I would like to tell you few words about Crafting System in The Division. Why this information is valuable, you may ask. Well, mostly because itemization is very important in the game. The items you equip affect the strength of your character a lot. The better gear you have the more powerful you are. There are several ways to get items: you can loot them from NPCs, purchase, find or create using special materials and blueprints.


Creating an item will require a blueprint. If you don’t have it, you can’t craft. The recipes can be found during your adventures. Explore the world, search everywhere and if you are lucky enough you will find what you want.

You should keep in mind that a blueprint has some permanent characteristics. For example if you have found a recipe for Level 6 Standard Rifle you will not be able to create Level 7 High End Rifle using this recipe. Every level and every rarity stage has its blueprints!


The second thing you will need is resources. There are 5 material types in the game. You can find them while traveling or questing. But there is one more way of getting them: you can deconstruct items. Yes, it’s possible to destroy gear and receive materials in return. That’s the reason why you should not just drop useless items. You can deconstruct them!

There is one very rare material: Division Tech. This material is very difficult to obtain. It’s used for crafting high rarity items and modifications. If you see Division Tech somewhere make sure you take it with you.

Converting Materials

Every material in the game has 5 grades. The higher the grade of materials, the better item you receive. For example a recipe may require 5 Superior rarity Weapon Parts and you will receive Superior weapon as a result. But sometimes you may lack of material with required grade. That’s where conversion will help. It allows to convert resource with lower grade into resource with higher grade. For example you will need 5 Standard pieces in order to get 1 Specialized. And so on. Conversion is a rather good way of getting required resources.
Crafting Station
Once you have a blueprint and required resources you need to go to your Base of Operations. The only crafting station can be found there. This station allows to craft. On the left side of the interface you will see 9 categories if items. Select one of them and you will see available recipes.

If you wish to find out more about The Division Crafting system visit This guide contains all the information about how to create your own items in the game. You will find list of materials and rarity scale. This knowledge will help you a lot when the game goes live. Thanks for reading guys!