Perks in Fallout 4: Why so Important?

As you know Fallout 4 will be released soon. It is amazing game and no doubt it will attract a lot of different players. If you like RPGs this game is for you. The first action in every RPG is character creation. You need to distribute attribute points correctly. This is a very important step because future gameplay will depend on the results of this distribution a lot. When you start fallout 4 you also need to create character and distribute SPECIAL points. There are 7 attributes and each can be leveled up to the 10th rank. So you need 70 points for reaching max ranks in all attributes. But the game gives only 21 points! That’s where the difficulty is.  You will not be able to boost all the stats to max values.

Why this choice is so important? That’s because of perks. Each stat has 10 parks connected to it. When you invest skill points in a stat you receive access to new perks. For example if you spend 3 points in Strength you can benefit from 3 perks in Strength tree. If you want to go deeper you will have to invest more points. That’s how it works.

As you see you will not be able to benefit from all the perks in the game. On the one hand that’s sad, but on the other it’s good. You will not become a superman and the game will be tough to play.  Now let’s get back to perk list.

As it was said above, each stat has 10 perks connected with it. We will tell you brief description of all stats in order to help you to create your build.

  1. The first stat is Strength. It is important for melee combat and it allows to carry more. If you like to fight with fists or use melee weapon this is your choice.
  2. Perception is your second attribute. It affects your weapon accuracy a lot. If you wish to be a gun professional you should pay attention to Perception.  
  3. Endurance is the third stat and it affects your Hit Points and overall physical fitness.
  4. Charisma is the fourth stat. It allows you to charm NPCs. It also opens up new options in dialogues. This is a very useful ability for all players who wish to build towns and attract citizens.
  5. Intelligence is the fifth stat. It affects the number of Experience Points you earn. It also contains important perks like Gun Nut and Science. The first is a must have for all weapon crafters, the second is also for this.
  6. Agility is the sixths stat.  Affects reflexes. It allows to benefit from following perks: Sneak, Mister Sandman and so on.
  7. Luck is the seventh stat. It’s just luck. Connected perks: mysterious stranger, wasteland surprise and so on.

Now you know how to build a character. If you wish to view and examine full list of Perks in Fallout 4 go to There you will find the description of all extra abilities, their ranks and so on. this site is amazing!