Crowfall MMO - Introduction

Hello friends! In this article I would like to introduce new MMO RPG developed by ArtCraft Entertainment. This game is called “Crowfall” and it is going to become one of the best online games we have ever seen. I will tell you what’s so special in this game and why there is a reason to try it after it is released.

Crowfall is an MMO meaning you will need internet connection to play it. The core idea of this game is to make “Dying Worlds” and eternal hero. A world is like a separate server but with ending time. Each world will go throughout several stages and will finally die. Your hero will jump from one world into gaining new equipment and powers.

Why the system is so complicated? That’s because developers think that “everlasting” servers is a bad idea for MMO game with open world PvP. Everlasting server means that certain group of players can take control and dominate the whole server forever. It becomes difficult to overbeat this group and gameplay becomes boring. A dominating guild will control all resources, castles, important spots and so on.

Is it interesting to play at such server? Developers say “No” and we also think so. Gameplay becomes boring when one of the sides starts dominating others.

Crowfall devs offer their own solution of this problem. They want to get rid of everlasting servers.  There will be different Campaigns with an end date. Each campaign will have “import rules” meaning that players can take only certain number of artifacts as a starting bonus. Some of the campaigns will have no import at all.

Such campaigns will last for a limited period of time. For example for month or for 3 months. After campaign ends a winner will be determined and you will have to join new campaign. As you see that’s a rather interesting idea and we hope Crowfall will become very interesting game to play.

As you see this game will be very interesting. Developers said that they are not going to attract investors in order to make all the gameplay like they want. If you also like Crowfall visit This unofficial website contains all guides and information you need to know.

Classes and Levels

As you know every MMO game offers player to select a class. Crowfall is not an exception. But Class in this game is a combination of Archetypes and Advantages you select in the beginning and Promotion Classes and Disciplines you select later on when you progress. This system allows to create a unique build and tweak it later on.

There are no levels in the game. A player can advance in strength by making his current abilities stronger, by unlocking new abilities, by learning new disciplines and by collecting better weapons.
There is one interesting fact: developers are not going to make permanent gear. Everything in Crowfall has an end date and gear also will decay. You can obtain the best hammer but sooner or later it will be lost…

Didn’t I say that the game will be PvP orientated? Yes! Finally there will be an interesting PvP focused MMO. Different campaigns will have different loot rules. Some of them will allow full loot! You can kill an enemy and take all his gear. But you can also be killed and all your items can also be taken. This makes gameplay much more interesting. You will have to think before taking powerful items with you…

What about PvE? There will be PvE in the game but the main focus is PvP with sieges and massive battles. There will not be raids and raid bosses.

The exact release date is unknown but it will most likely be released in 2016 or 2017. The model will be “Buy to Play” – you pay once and play for the lifetime of the game, Of course there will be cash shop but there are no details about this.


There is one very interesting fact: Crowfall raised a lot of money from Kickstarter.  People like the idea and donated about several million dollars to devs. That’s an impressive result! If I am not mistaken, this is the 19th best result in the history of Kickstarter.