Fallout 4 Action-Packed Video Game Review

There is a gaming revolution taking place. Gamers are craving for thrilling games that are packed with involving action. Worry no more because Bethesda Game Studios got a thing for you: Fallout 4. This is a thrill-packed, exhilarating games that not only lets you live a fiction life but make you a onetime hero. Being a production of of Bethesda Game Studios, the role-playing video game is published under Bethesda Softworks.

Quick peek in the setting.

The game's setting is one of the United States posh cities; Boston, Massachusetts. This is according to the trailer released in June 3,2015. Some buildings stand out in the trailer that have their foundations rooted in Boston. Among the conspicuous ones that you can not fail to identify are as listed below.

  1. Paul Revere Monument
  2. Massachusetts state house
  3. USS constitution.

These are but a few that even when camouflaged in movie tricks still retain their alluring structural design. Fenway Park is not let behind though it is named Diamond City as the surplus store in the game identifies itself with the name.

Fallout 4 in-depth coverage.

Being the fifth major project and installment done by Bethesda, the game is created to cater for the every gamer. As for the game, it will be released on Playstation 4, X box one and microsoft windows so everybody has a chance to be part of the action. Sophistication of play is reduced by ensuring that every tool and feature is easy-to-use. Topping the list of features that the game bags is a camera that can easily switch the visuals from first person to third person viewing. Players have different tastes when it comes to views so the camera ensures that everyone has their interests provides, thanks to customer reviews. Other main developments are the systems incorporated. They include a dynamic dialogue and split-armor systems.

Since it is a combat game, every player is expected to come across a number of challenging enemies. To be at par with other action games, Bethesda has fascinating enemies that will harden your play. Mole rats, super mutants, deathclaws, raiders and the death-defiant Dog-meat is also present. As a player, you are capable of doing a free roam and leaving conversations so you get fully indulged in the gaming.

When it comes to weapons, Fallout 4 is uniquely designed to match its players expectations. With the huge collection of weapons, you can easily customize your weapon of choice and increase its performance to a level higher than before. There is around 50 base and hi-tech guns that you can easily modify. Common modifications include changing the barrel type or having a laser focus put. Furthermore, you can easily choose from the 700 different combinations available. Upgradeable power armors are also present. Players can upgrade their armor by fixing a jet pack. If not accustomed to upgrading, you can select an armor among the different types offered. You can find out more Fallout 4 guides at http://fallout4.wiki/ - one of the first fansites dedicated to the game. There are different crafting guides telling about how to upgrade armor and weapon.

The vicinity is at your hands mercy and creativity. Fallout 4 gives you an option of constructing buildings and settlements while too you are capable of deconstruction. A dynamic power system is in place to power the buildings with electricity. Just like a community, you have to grow food and build water spouts to ensure your settlement is sustained with food and water. In line with the evolving soldiers, there is a pip-boy present. This is a modern wrist watch that is computerized to allow you have access to statistics, data, maps and menus.

Lastly, there is a Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System. Players have for ages craved for this system since it allows them to pause the game without interfering with it. Progress can then be improved by having a change of view angles so you increase you chances of hitting your target. Nevertheless, by the help of this integrated system, players can reduce their enemies movement by aiming and shooting at their legs. Disarmament can be done by shooting at the enemies rifle.

In a nutshell, Fallout 4 is what defines action, thrill and tactical gaming. With its release being 10th of November 2015, everyone is assured a piece of the cake. With its trailer already causing stir online and attracting a huge crowd of followers, its release will surely be a success and a dream-come-true to both novice and professional video game lovers.

Skyrim - One of the Most Fantastic Games

Back when it was released, Skyrim received fantastic scores all around. IGN gave it a 10/10, while Gamespot also gave it a fantastic rating. The Metacritic rating for Bethesda’s latest entry in the Elder Scrolls franchise currently stands at 94, which probably gives you an idea of how awesome the game is. If you have played any of the Elder Scrolls’ games before, you may already have an idea of how the game plays.

You begin your journey on the character creation screen, which is incredibly fleshed out. There are several races to choose from, ranging from the Khajiit, the Nords, the Orcs, the High elves, Wood Elves, the Argonions and a few others. Once you select your race, you will be taken to the creation scheme. Here, you can let your creative talents come to life. Choose from hundreds of different facial expressions and options to create the perfect character. Once you have made your character, the game begins.

You start off the game in first person (as is customary for all Elder Scrolls games). You are seated in a carriage, which is being drawn by formal guards up ahead. The game begins in earnest when a dragon attacks the stronghold, forcing you to flee. As the trailers suggested, this is the first game in the Elder Scrolls series in which dragons appear. You can actually fight them, and if you purchase and install the Dragonborn expansion, you can even ride on your dragon (how cool is that?!). 


Compared to Oblivion, Skyrim is significantly larger. As you stare out in to the environment from a particularly high mountain, the game gives you a feeling that there is no place which you can’t go. There are routes leading everywhere. Whether you want to reach the highest mountains on the map or travel to the lowest reaches under the ground, Skyrim always has a way. 

You can even ride a horse for faster paced travel. Given the fact that the map itself is massive (and I mean it), you will need a horse by your side. Gameplay is exactly what we have come to expect from the Elder Scrolls’ series. You can toggle between first and third person views while playing the game. 

The combat system is relatively poor, but you don’t really judge Bethesda RPG’s on the combat. New to the game this time are the Shouts. Dragon shouts are learned every time you kill a dragon and absorb its soul. You can also learn these shouts at random places, where a “Word of Power” is written. The screen dims slightly while your character learns the shout. Combat itself is a bit blocky. It doesn’t match up to the combat of the Witcher or Kingdoms of Amalur, but it is still pretty good. There’s a heavy attack and a light attack. 

You can make your character however you want it to be. Whether you want to play as a Mage, a hard hitting warrior or a nimble assassin, the game gives you ample choice. you can equip daggers, bows, axes and swords in order to alter your playing style just how you see fit.

The game allows you to build meaningful relations too. You can even marry a person in the game, and make them a “housecarl”. Basically, this means that they will either fight with you, or stay at home and look after your trophies. The game itself takes you to many places, from the highest reaches of Windhelm to the lands of Riften. There’s plenty of diversity in the game, and you can easily get lost for hours. For a person who has sunk approximately 100 hours in to the game, I still find something new every now and then. 

The story is also pretty engaging. You start off a relatively unknown warrior who was about to get killed. Eventually, you end up fighting dragons, and become the sole hope for the people of Skyrim. There are many different factions to join, people to meet and quests to complete. Everything is highly varied in terms of the content, so you will never feel as if you just did the same quest a while ago. 

Crowfall MMO - Introduction

Hello friends! In this article I would like to introduce new MMO RPG developed by ArtCraft Entertainment. This game is called “Crowfall” and it is going to become one of the best online games we have ever seen. I will tell you what’s so special in this game and why there is a reason to try it after it is released.

Crowfall is an MMO meaning you will need internet connection to play it. The core idea of this game is to make “Dying Worlds” and eternal hero. A world is like a separate server but with ending time. Each world will go throughout several stages and will finally die. Your hero will jump from one world into gaining new equipment and powers.

Why the system is so complicated? That’s because developers think that “everlasting” servers is a bad idea for MMO game with open world PvP. Everlasting server means that certain group of players can take control and dominate the whole server forever. It becomes difficult to overbeat this group and gameplay becomes boring. A dominating guild will control all resources, castles, important spots and so on.

Is it interesting to play at such server? Developers say “No” and we also think so. Gameplay becomes boring when one of the sides starts dominating others.

Crowfall devs offer their own solution of this problem. They want to get rid of everlasting servers.  There will be different Campaigns with an end date. Each campaign will have “import rules” meaning that players can take only certain number of artifacts as a starting bonus. Some of the campaigns will have no import at all.

Such campaigns will last for a limited period of time. For example for month or for 3 months. After campaign ends a winner will be determined and you will have to join new campaign. As you see that’s a rather interesting idea and we hope Crowfall will become very interesting game to play.

As you see this game will be very interesting. Developers said that they are not going to attract investors in order to make all the gameplay like they want. If you also like Crowfall visit http://crowfall.club/ This unofficial website contains all guides and information you need to know.

Classes and Levels

As you know every MMO game offers player to select a class. Crowfall is not an exception. But Class in this game is a combination of Archetypes and Advantages you select in the beginning and Promotion Classes and Disciplines you select later on when you progress. This system allows to create a unique build and tweak it later on.

There are no levels in the game. A player can advance in strength by making his current abilities stronger, by unlocking new abilities, by learning new disciplines and by collecting better weapons.
There is one interesting fact: developers are not going to make permanent gear. Everything in Crowfall has an end date and gear also will decay. You can obtain the best hammer but sooner or later it will be lost…

Didn’t I say that the game will be PvP orientated? Yes! Finally there will be an interesting PvP focused MMO. Different campaigns will have different loot rules. Some of them will allow full loot! You can kill an enemy and take all his gear. But you can also be killed and all your items can also be taken. This makes gameplay much more interesting. You will have to think before taking powerful items with you…

What about PvE? There will be PvE in the game but the main focus is PvP with sieges and massive battles. There will not be raids and raid bosses.

The exact release date is unknown but it will most likely be released in 2016 or 2017. The model will be “Buy to Play” – you pay once and play for the lifetime of the game, Of course there will be cash shop but there are no details about this.


There is one very interesting fact: Crowfall raised a lot of money from Kickstarter.  People like the idea and donated about several million dollars to devs. That’s an impressive result! If I am not mistaken, this is the 19th best result in the history of Kickstarter.