Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Brief Review

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of the most interesting RPG games right now. It was released in 2011 but the popularity of the game is not falling. Many people are playing the game nowadays.
Why the game is so popular? You can take head on against the dragons, expect the encounter to be thrilling and depend on where the experience reaches; such encounters are not even a picture of the climax of the encounter. A mission, which kicks off as a distraction, may explode and turn and become the backbone of a less ambitious Skyrim.

The fantasy can take hours of your leisure time, as you adventure in the nooks and crack the crack the hidden secrets in this game. Compared to the previous Bethesda games it will not be surprised that Skyrim is neither a blemish free land, but instead accommodates several technical glitches and disturbing idiosyncrasies, which break the ice cover covering the land. Get ready for more sacrificed night sleeps.

The nights will be better spent adventuring in these lands. The game takes you back to Tamriel continent where you navigate across northern province called Skyrim, which homes the Nord race. In this region snowflakes cloud your sight as ice float on the frozen waters. The night brings the town's version with the aurora borealis alongside the beautiful green and blue ribbons stretching to heavens. Skyrim precursor, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, had similar fantastic environment. The game possesses the darker element, you will feel a strange and frightening as you look at the ship half sunken in the mist, or see the dragons come with swirling firmament, all this is before your eyes.

The game atmospheric tone is similar to the Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, but the dust storms in the game have now been replaced with opaque fog and glimmering snowfall. The beautiful looking vistas are better seen from far, a closer look brings out the hardened edges, plainly painted on the texture plus the visual flaws, which stands out. The great impression in this game is courtesy of the elements, which are part of the grander whole.

In the Skyrim you are spoilt of choice, your quest log will turn out to be ill-advised ads the fantasy unfolds. There are dozens of choices on offer, each with intriguing adventure than the earlier one. Following the story creates an attractive tale, which nearly makes you a Dragonborn, having a dragon soul within you. At this level you discover why the dragons make a comeback on the land, ending the world and terrorizing the town. You will encounter dragons but also in parties and in sewers looking for a great figure which has been presumed dead. The tale is well packaged full of horror flying animals that scare and terrorize the people with horrifying gusts of ice and fire.

As you adventure the vast ice land on horseback or walking the story line is clear, you will visit a quaint hamlet which to you looks safe only to find in fact it is under attack by flying creature. The residents will swiftly join you in the fight with arrows and fireballs on aim, while few will survive in the pursuit of attacking the creature. The battle will give you a gruesome picture of how the residents survive in this city; this will charge you becoming hero among them.

In fact, the tale delights are not only found in the dragon encounter, the game will take you to an abandoned house, with a small child who makes a unique request. This forces to you be a predator and slowly takes a look from hideout. The option of choice crops up when deciding whether to take a side in the current fight of the rebellious storm cloaks then start to destroy enemy bases while freeing the captives.

There is enough to do, but not each dungeon is a smooth ride adventure. The experience is hardened by the emerging stone based puzzles and in the monotonous cave structures which may kill your morale spirit in the game. It is undoubtedly clear that each task has an unmatched surprise and context. Looking for a lost dog evolves in a grander quest into what could not be least expected.

The whole experience in Skyrim is spectacular, with appearance and vanishing of episodes within a flash. There is more fun, more adventure, more horrifying episodes, in this game, which cannot be fully put in writing, the thrill is in playing.