Warcraft Movie - Production Details

Warcraft film is based on World of Warcraft video game universe, developed by Blizzard Entertainment. In the full-length film adaptation a conflict between two tribes - the Orcs and humans - grows into a bloody war.

Events will take place in the days of Warcraft: Orcs & Humans - the first part of a series of games. This is the best starting point of the narrative history of Azeroth, an alien planet of Warcraft, to generate interest among the fans as well as people who are not familiar with this fantastic universe.

The film will show the invasion of orcs on Azeroth and the seizure of Stormwind, a human alliance. The plot will be revealed from both points of view and most of the action will take place in the Eastern Kingdoms. The main heroes are Anduin Lothar (Travis Fimmel) of Stormwind and Durotan (Toby Kebbell) of the orcish Frostwolf tribe.

You can find nore information about Warcraft movie and watch it here: http://warcraftmovie.info/ . It is considered to be the first film in the series, which will continue the history of World of Warcraft. Duncan Jones, the director, known for his award winning science fiction films Moon and Source Code, also took part in the co-writing of the screenplay.

The World of Azeroth

The world of Azeroth includes three major continents: Kalimdor, The Eastern Kingdoms and Northrend. Eastern Kingdoms includes two sub-continents – the Southern and the Northern continent of Lordaeron. In addition to these continents there are two large islands - Kezan (the land of goblins) and Zandalar - the birthplace of troll civilization. The continents and islands are surrounded by the Great Sea. In the middle of the Great Sea is an endless swirl of Maelstrom, which is located in the underwater city of Nazjatar, the birthplace of the naga. In ancient times, Azeroth consisted only of one continent and the lake of sparkling energy, later called the Well of Eternity. When the well exploded at the end of the War of the Ancients, this continent was split.

Production Details

The film’s budget is set at $220 million. Every single dollar goes into the realization of the beauty of the world of Azeroth. As the director said he wants to make a movie that would reach the hearts of even those who are not familiar with the World of Warcraft. Game developers are constantly in contact with the filmmaking team and regularly send them all the necessary sketches.

As you may know, there were many attempts to create the movie based on Warcraft universe, and for many reasons this could not be done. The film will not give advantage to anybody, but will tell a story about heroes on both sides, trying to avoid a typical set of conflicts.
The film will also have a few completely new characters that haven’t existed before in the history of the universe.

Visual Effects

The effects team has created such a complex environment that the camera can partake in any direction and shoot at various angles, moving from one object or actor to another, without interruption. At the same time, everything will look extremely realistic. According to Duncan Jones, special effects will look like the Lord of the Rings and Avatar in one bottle.

A heavy usage of motion capture has also been confirmed by the creators. This is primarily due to the fact that the entire tribe of Orcs was required to look plausible.

The fighting style in the Warcraft movie differs from everything you’ve ever seen before. The outfits of characters were very heavy, coordinating was difficult, but in the end on the screen the fights turned out great. The actors who have seen the fully rendered CGI shots confirmed that visual effects in Warcraft are incomparable to anything else.

The Soundtrack

The score was composed by Ramin Djawadi. One of his most famous works is the title theme of the Game of Thrones series. Ramin was also a composer for the first Iron Man movie and Pacific Rim. His last work can be heard in the Dracula Untold.

The Sequel

The director said that he would gladly return to make Warcraft 2 if the audiences will like his job on the first movie. Let’s hope that people will enjoy it, so we can see more of Jones’ creative magic on our screens.

You will have a chance to watch Warcraft movie on March 11, 2016 worldwide.