World of Warcraft Comprehensive Review

Fantasy has made wonders! One of the wonders is Massive multi player online (MMO) games. World of Warcraft is one of such games and since 2004 when it was released; it has touched the hearts of MMO gamers all over the world. The game has grown to be the most popular of all the video games available.

Then what makes this game so popular? What is the reason behind the mushrooming command of the game on gaming fans? The game is the highest gross income generating video game in the entertainment industry. Let’s have a look at what makes the game unique.

How is the game played?

A player will subscribe to the game online and make prepayments through credit or debit cards online for play time. The player then will select a server that for the purpose of the game is referred to as the realm of the player. This acts as a virtual world where the players roam in fighting monsters, exploring the landscape and completing guests and meeting other non-player characters.

There are four categories of these virtual worlds called realms. One is the normal one where player interacts with the environment and another where player interacts with another player. In the third, players act as an in-character and finally where the players have two faction characteristics as variant player and cross faction players.


  • The game involves massive number of multi players who play online. They are in thousand and this brings the game into full life and action.
  • Role playing- races are taken and transformed into ideas and finally personality. They are what you see as the game is played on.
  • Mystery, adventure and magic. It involves obtaining and completing quests but there is no shortage for their solutions. The solution providers may be found anywhere in the imaginary place called Azeroth. Funny, there is no hurry or worry of the quest givers having adventure finished.
  • Persistent online characters - the game involves creation of characters, advancing them in each step as game play goes on. New armors, equipment and weapons are also developed in the process.
  • The game is distributable digitally. This is through CDs and DVDs and therefore available in many parts of the world.
  • The game is supported on platforms such as Microsoft Windows and OS X.


  • It has parental controls. This allows parents to regulate the playing time of children because the game is addictive. The playing schedule can be monitored easily by setting daily and weekly limits.
  • The game develops the skills of the players. It enriches them with knowledge of first aids, archeology and about tools and weapons.
  • It is the best source of entertainment. This is because it is played online and the game can is played by many players. It can be a friend to you during the leisure time.
  • It has different subscriptions. This is because it comes in varied packages hence giving the users an option of choosing depending on the size of the pocket.

What makes the game popular?

You cannot question the popularity of the world of warcraft. Why? Talk of the number of subscribers and the awards it has won since its release. Go through these statistics and you will agree with me;

  • Mac OS x Entertainment product award in 2005
  • Best TV and multiplayer game award in 2005
  • Honored in the 59th annual technology and engineering Emmy awards
  • Ranked 11th on the all time best 200 games in 2009
  • The game has more than 10 million subscribers.

What you may not like

World of Warcraft may be an expensive game for the users. This is because it needs a subscription for the users to be allowed to continue the play. You can subscribe monthly, three month or six months subscriptions.

There have been critics that the game contains a potentially harmful malwares to your computers. In 2006, there were claims from subscribers who had their computers infected. This is due to the fact that the game is available in black-markets. If you purchase the game from the black-market, then your computer is at risk.


Although the World of Warcraft has been criticized in the recent days, it has silenced those critics by winning multiple awards since its release in 2004 including the Editors choice award. It has been described as the best game for entertainment and recreation. Time will tell whether the popularity of the game will continue hitting the sky or this are the last days of this amazing game. The world only needs to stay calm watch.