EverQuest Next Preview

EverQuest Next is an upcoming pioneer in the field of massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) and is the ultimate successor to the EverQuest, EQ Online Adventures and trhe second part of the game. The famous and popular developer and publisher Daybreak Game Company released the supplementary details in the month of August 2010. During this period the development was in it’s premature phases and criticism was being solicited from the existing EverQuest, EQ Online adventures Frontiers and EQ 2.

As a crazy online game lover I am a great fan of EverQuest, EQ Online Adventures Frontiers and the second part of the game and they are really fantabulous. All game lovers like me are looking forward to having much more thrilling gaming excitement from the upcoming EQN. EverQuest Next is not gonna be the sequel or prequel either of the existing franchise and the players are going to have a parallel world of Norrath

If you want to find out detailed information about EverQuest Next visit http://everquestnext.club/.This fansite contains a lot of guides and information about EQN: classes, races, skills, crafting and so on. As you know the game is not released and a lot of information is not available, but this site has everything you need to know about the game. 

Some characters and locations may seem familiar but the specific relations and events are likely to be diverged from the previous concepts of other games and overall the marvellous time will be back for the gamers to hold their breath and just carry on playing the game. The intention of the developer is quite clear and their intention is to create a trait of gaming more like to the previous EverQuest but by the side of that they also want to retain the advances of the MMORPG design which has been improvised during the period when the game has been firstly launched. 

Daybreak game company is going to use the game engine called “Forgelight” for the upcoming EQ Next. Forgelight positively focuses on the lighting effects and it materializes the intention of the game developing company to make the game characters more and more realistic. This game engine is absolutely used for it’s next generation gaming consoles advancement while making the graphics of the game more realistic. EverQuest Next game engine re-defines the previously cartoonish graphics and heads towards realism.

The gamers of all over the world is eagerly waiting for this new sensation and their nail biting excitement will meet their reality in a few days. The most exciting key features of this game will be the four "Holy Grails". This will be apioneer in the world of massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG). This game will provide the gamers with the opportunity of choosing multiclass systems that means they can create their own cherished characters.

In this game, anything will be blown up anytime or anywhere. From the gigantic mountains to the smalls, all the elements in EQN are constructed completely of tiny voxels, which permit the players to construct or destruct any part of the virtual gaming world of Norrath. This feature is going to be loved and pampered. The playable universe and environment of the EQN is hundreds feet deep in so the players can dig down to discover ancient caves, temples and so on.

Sever wide public quests can take months of real time to complete and can also have a great and permanent effect on the gaming consoles. While completing one stage the players will never understand what’s gonna happen in the next piece. This feature is going to meet the players with untasted experience. As the players progress in the game, the next quests will be introduced on the condition of what the players have done before in their previous quests.

There are dozens of classes to be experienced in EverQuest Next. The weapon styles will be innovative and they won’t have the usual look. It will have characters like Beast Lords, Blade masters, Clerics, Elementalists, Paladins,Rogues and so on. As always, the players will be able to pick their missions according to their own choice and the special thanks goes to the Multiclass system which has made this feature possible to experience. This is gonna be a great online and offline gaming experiences for the gamers.

Dark Elf, Dwarf, Elf, Human, Kerran, Ogre are the confirmed races of this EverQuest Next game. Religions and gods are very important aspects of the world of Norrah. So the new version of this game is expected to be available all over the world soon and the gamers are waiting for that boom boom gaming experience.