Perks in Fallout 4: Why so Important?

As you know Fallout 4 will be released soon. It is amazing game and no doubt it will attract a lot of different players. If you like RPGs this game is for you. The first action in every RPG is character creation. You need to distribute attribute points correctly. This is a very important step because future gameplay will depend on the results of this distribution a lot. When you start fallout 4 you also need to create character and distribute SPECIAL points. There are 7 attributes and each can be leveled up to the 10th rank. So you need 70 points for reaching max ranks in all attributes. But the game gives only 21 points! That’s where the difficulty is.  You will not be able to boost all the stats to max values.

Why this choice is so important? That’s because of perks. Each stat has 10 parks connected to it. When you invest skill points in a stat you receive access to new perks. For example if you spend 3 points in Strength you can benefit from 3 perks in Strength tree. If you want to go deeper you will have to invest more points. That’s how it works.

As you see you will not be able to benefit from all the perks in the game. On the one hand that’s sad, but on the other it’s good. You will not become a superman and the game will be tough to play.  Now let’s get back to perk list.

As it was said above, each stat has 10 perks connected with it. We will tell you brief description of all stats in order to help you to create your build.

  1. The first stat is Strength. It is important for melee combat and it allows to carry more. If you like to fight with fists or use melee weapon this is your choice.
  2. Perception is your second attribute. It affects your weapon accuracy a lot. If you wish to be a gun professional you should pay attention to Perception.  
  3. Endurance is the third stat and it affects your Hit Points and overall physical fitness.
  4. Charisma is the fourth stat. It allows you to charm NPCs. It also opens up new options in dialogues. This is a very useful ability for all players who wish to build towns and attract citizens.
  5. Intelligence is the fifth stat. It affects the number of Experience Points you earn. It also contains important perks like Gun Nut and Science. The first is a must have for all weapon crafters, the second is also for this.
  6. Agility is the sixths stat.  Affects reflexes. It allows to benefit from following perks: Sneak, Mister Sandman and so on.
  7. Luck is the seventh stat. It’s just luck. Connected perks: mysterious stranger, wasteland surprise and so on.

Now you know how to build a character. If you wish to view and examine full list of Perks in Fallout 4 go to There you will find the description of all extra abilities, their ranks and so on. this site is amazing!

Fallout 4 Action-Packed Video Game Review

There is a gaming revolution taking place. Gamers are craving for thrilling games that are packed with involving action. Worry no more because Bethesda Game Studios got a thing for you: Fallout 4. This is a thrill-packed, exhilarating games that not only lets you live a fiction life but make you a onetime hero. Being a production of of Bethesda Game Studios, the role-playing video game is published under Bethesda Softworks.

Quick peek in the setting.

The game's setting is one of the United States posh cities; Boston, Massachusetts. This is according to the trailer released in June 3,2015. Some buildings stand out in the trailer that have their foundations rooted in Boston. Among the conspicuous ones that you can not fail to identify are as listed below.

  1. Paul Revere Monument
  2. Massachusetts state house
  3. USS constitution.

These are but a few that even when camouflaged in movie tricks still retain their alluring structural design. Fenway Park is not let behind though it is named Diamond City as the surplus store in the game identifies itself with the name.

Fallout 4 in-depth coverage.

Being the fifth major project and installment done by Bethesda, the game is created to cater for the every gamer. As for the game, it will be released on Playstation 4, X box one and microsoft windows so everybody has a chance to be part of the action. Sophistication of play is reduced by ensuring that every tool and feature is easy-to-use. Topping the list of features that the game bags is a camera that can easily switch the visuals from first person to third person viewing. Players have different tastes when it comes to views so the camera ensures that everyone has their interests provides, thanks to customer reviews. Other main developments are the systems incorporated. They include a dynamic dialogue and split-armor systems.

Since it is a combat game, every player is expected to come across a number of challenging enemies. To be at par with other action games, Bethesda has fascinating enemies that will harden your play. Mole rats, super mutants, deathclaws, raiders and the death-defiant Dog-meat is also present. As a player, you are capable of doing a free roam and leaving conversations so you get fully indulged in the gaming.

When it comes to weapons, Fallout 4 is uniquely designed to match its players expectations. With the huge collection of weapons, you can easily customize your weapon of choice and increase its performance to a level higher than before. There is around 50 base and hi-tech guns that you can easily modify. Common modifications include changing the barrel type or having a laser focus put. Furthermore, you can easily choose from the 700 different combinations available. Upgradeable power armors are also present. Players can upgrade their armor by fixing a jet pack. If not accustomed to upgrading, you can select an armor among the different types offered. You can find out more Fallout 4 guides at - one of the first fansites dedicated to the game. There are different crafting guides telling about how to upgrade armor and weapon.

The vicinity is at your hands mercy and creativity. Fallout 4 gives you an option of constructing buildings and settlements while too you are capable of deconstruction. A dynamic power system is in place to power the buildings with electricity. Just like a community, you have to grow food and build water spouts to ensure your settlement is sustained with food and water. In line with the evolving soldiers, there is a pip-boy present. This is a modern wrist watch that is computerized to allow you have access to statistics, data, maps and menus.

Lastly, there is a Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System. Players have for ages craved for this system since it allows them to pause the game without interfering with it. Progress can then be improved by having a change of view angles so you increase you chances of hitting your target. Nevertheless, by the help of this integrated system, players can reduce their enemies movement by aiming and shooting at their legs. Disarmament can be done by shooting at the enemies rifle.

In a nutshell, Fallout 4 is what defines action, thrill and tactical gaming. With its release being 10th of November 2015, everyone is assured a piece of the cake. With its trailer already causing stir online and attracting a huge crowd of followers, its release will surely be a success and a dream-come-true to both novice and professional video game lovers.

Skyrim - One of the Most Fantastic Games

Back when it was released, Skyrim received fantastic scores all around. IGN gave it a 10/10, while Gamespot also gave it a fantastic rating. The Metacritic rating for Bethesda’s latest entry in the Elder Scrolls franchise currently stands at 94, which probably gives you an idea of how awesome the game is. If you have played any of the Elder Scrolls’ games before, you may already have an idea of how the game plays.

You begin your journey on the character creation screen, which is incredibly fleshed out. There are several races to choose from, ranging from the Khajiit, the Nords, the Orcs, the High elves, Wood Elves, the Argonions and a few others. Once you select your race, you will be taken to the creation scheme. Here, you can let your creative talents come to life. Choose from hundreds of different facial expressions and options to create the perfect character. Once you have made your character, the game begins.

You start off the game in first person (as is customary for all Elder Scrolls games). You are seated in a carriage, which is being drawn by formal guards up ahead. The game begins in earnest when a dragon attacks the stronghold, forcing you to flee. As the trailers suggested, this is the first game in the Elder Scrolls series in which dragons appear. You can actually fight them, and if you purchase and install the Dragonborn expansion, you can even ride on your dragon (how cool is that?!). 


Compared to Oblivion, Skyrim is significantly larger. As you stare out in to the environment from a particularly high mountain, the game gives you a feeling that there is no place which you can’t go. There are routes leading everywhere. Whether you want to reach the highest mountains on the map or travel to the lowest reaches under the ground, Skyrim always has a way. 

You can even ride a horse for faster paced travel. Given the fact that the map itself is massive (and I mean it), you will need a horse by your side. Gameplay is exactly what we have come to expect from the Elder Scrolls’ series. You can toggle between first and third person views while playing the game. 

The combat system is relatively poor, but you don’t really judge Bethesda RPG’s on the combat. New to the game this time are the Shouts. Dragon shouts are learned every time you kill a dragon and absorb its soul. You can also learn these shouts at random places, where a “Word of Power” is written. The screen dims slightly while your character learns the shout. Combat itself is a bit blocky. It doesn’t match up to the combat of the Witcher or Kingdoms of Amalur, but it is still pretty good. There’s a heavy attack and a light attack. 

You can make your character however you want it to be. Whether you want to play as a Mage, a hard hitting warrior or a nimble assassin, the game gives you ample choice. you can equip daggers, bows, axes and swords in order to alter your playing style just how you see fit.

The game allows you to build meaningful relations too. You can even marry a person in the game, and make them a “housecarl”. Basically, this means that they will either fight with you, or stay at home and look after your trophies. The game itself takes you to many places, from the highest reaches of Windhelm to the lands of Riften. There’s plenty of diversity in the game, and you can easily get lost for hours. For a person who has sunk approximately 100 hours in to the game, I still find something new every now and then. 

The story is also pretty engaging. You start off a relatively unknown warrior who was about to get killed. Eventually, you end up fighting dragons, and become the sole hope for the people of Skyrim. There are many different factions to join, people to meet and quests to complete. Everything is highly varied in terms of the content, so you will never feel as if you just did the same quest a while ago. 

Crowfall MMO - Introduction

Hello friends! In this article I would like to introduce new MMO RPG developed by ArtCraft Entertainment. This game is called “Crowfall” and it is going to become one of the best online games we have ever seen. I will tell you what’s so special in this game and why there is a reason to try it after it is released.

Crowfall is an MMO meaning you will need internet connection to play it. The core idea of this game is to make “Dying Worlds” and eternal hero. A world is like a separate server but with ending time. Each world will go throughout several stages and will finally die. Your hero will jump from one world into gaining new equipment and powers.

Why the system is so complicated? That’s because developers think that “everlasting” servers is a bad idea for MMO game with open world PvP. Everlasting server means that certain group of players can take control and dominate the whole server forever. It becomes difficult to overbeat this group and gameplay becomes boring. A dominating guild will control all resources, castles, important spots and so on.

Is it interesting to play at such server? Developers say “No” and we also think so. Gameplay becomes boring when one of the sides starts dominating others.

Crowfall devs offer their own solution of this problem. They want to get rid of everlasting servers.  There will be different Campaigns with an end date. Each campaign will have “import rules” meaning that players can take only certain number of artifacts as a starting bonus. Some of the campaigns will have no import at all.

Such campaigns will last for a limited period of time. For example for month or for 3 months. After campaign ends a winner will be determined and you will have to join new campaign. As you see that’s a rather interesting idea and we hope Crowfall will become very interesting game to play.

As you see this game will be very interesting. Developers said that they are not going to attract investors in order to make all the gameplay like they want. If you also like Crowfall visit This unofficial website contains all guides and information you need to know.

Classes and Levels

As you know every MMO game offers player to select a class. Crowfall is not an exception. But Class in this game is a combination of Archetypes and Advantages you select in the beginning and Promotion Classes and Disciplines you select later on when you progress. This system allows to create a unique build and tweak it later on.

There are no levels in the game. A player can advance in strength by making his current abilities stronger, by unlocking new abilities, by learning new disciplines and by collecting better weapons.
There is one interesting fact: developers are not going to make permanent gear. Everything in Crowfall has an end date and gear also will decay. You can obtain the best hammer but sooner or later it will be lost…

Didn’t I say that the game will be PvP orientated? Yes! Finally there will be an interesting PvP focused MMO. Different campaigns will have different loot rules. Some of them will allow full loot! You can kill an enemy and take all his gear. But you can also be killed and all your items can also be taken. This makes gameplay much more interesting. You will have to think before taking powerful items with you…

What about PvE? There will be PvE in the game but the main focus is PvP with sieges and massive battles. There will not be raids and raid bosses.

The exact release date is unknown but it will most likely be released in 2016 or 2017. The model will be “Buy to Play” – you pay once and play for the lifetime of the game, Of course there will be cash shop but there are no details about this.


There is one very interesting fact: Crowfall raised a lot of money from Kickstarter.  People like the idea and donated about several million dollars to devs. That’s an impressive result! If I am not mistaken, this is the 19th best result in the history of Kickstarter.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Brief Review

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of the most interesting RPG games right now. It was released in 2011 but the popularity of the game is not falling. Many people are playing the game nowadays.
Why the game is so popular? You can take head on against the dragons, expect the encounter to be thrilling and depend on where the experience reaches; such encounters are not even a picture of the climax of the encounter. A mission, which kicks off as a distraction, may explode and turn and become the backbone of a less ambitious Skyrim.

The fantasy can take hours of your leisure time, as you adventure in the nooks and crack the crack the hidden secrets in this game. Compared to the previous Bethesda games it will not be surprised that Skyrim is neither a blemish free land, but instead accommodates several technical glitches and disturbing idiosyncrasies, which break the ice cover covering the land. Get ready for more sacrificed night sleeps.

The nights will be better spent adventuring in these lands. The game takes you back to Tamriel continent where you navigate across northern province called Skyrim, which homes the Nord race. In this region snowflakes cloud your sight as ice float on the frozen waters. The night brings the town's version with the aurora borealis alongside the beautiful green and blue ribbons stretching to heavens. Skyrim precursor, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, had similar fantastic environment. The game possesses the darker element, you will feel a strange and frightening as you look at the ship half sunken in the mist, or see the dragons come with swirling firmament, all this is before your eyes.

The game atmospheric tone is similar to the Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, but the dust storms in the game have now been replaced with opaque fog and glimmering snowfall. The beautiful looking vistas are better seen from far, a closer look brings out the hardened edges, plainly painted on the texture plus the visual flaws, which stands out. The great impression in this game is courtesy of the elements, which are part of the grander whole.

In the Skyrim you are spoilt of choice, your quest log will turn out to be ill-advised ads the fantasy unfolds. There are dozens of choices on offer, each with intriguing adventure than the earlier one. Following the story creates an attractive tale, which nearly makes you a Dragonborn, having a dragon soul within you. At this level you discover why the dragons make a comeback on the land, ending the world and terrorizing the town. You will encounter dragons but also in parties and in sewers looking for a great figure which has been presumed dead. The tale is well packaged full of horror flying animals that scare and terrorize the people with horrifying gusts of ice and fire.

As you adventure the vast ice land on horseback or walking the story line is clear, you will visit a quaint hamlet which to you looks safe only to find in fact it is under attack by flying creature. The residents will swiftly join you in the fight with arrows and fireballs on aim, while few will survive in the pursuit of attacking the creature. The battle will give you a gruesome picture of how the residents survive in this city; this will charge you becoming hero among them.

In fact, the tale delights are not only found in the dragon encounter, the game will take you to an abandoned house, with a small child who makes a unique request. This forces to you be a predator and slowly takes a look from hideout. The option of choice crops up when deciding whether to take a side in the current fight of the rebellious storm cloaks then start to destroy enemy bases while freeing the captives.

There is enough to do, but not each dungeon is a smooth ride adventure. The experience is hardened by the emerging stone based puzzles and in the monotonous cave structures which may kill your morale spirit in the game. It is undoubtedly clear that each task has an unmatched surprise and context. Looking for a lost dog evolves in a grander quest into what could not be least expected.

The whole experience in Skyrim is spectacular, with appearance and vanishing of episodes within a flash. There is more fun, more adventure, more horrifying episodes, in this game, which cannot be fully put in writing, the thrill is in playing.

Warcraft Movie - Production Details

Warcraft film is based on World of Warcraft video game universe, developed by Blizzard Entertainment. In the full-length film adaptation a conflict between two tribes - the Orcs and humans - grows into a bloody war.

Events will take place in the days of Warcraft: Orcs & Humans - the first part of a series of games. This is the best starting point of the narrative history of Azeroth, an alien planet of Warcraft, to generate interest among the fans as well as people who are not familiar with this fantastic universe.

The film will show the invasion of orcs on Azeroth and the seizure of Stormwind, a human alliance. The plot will be revealed from both points of view and most of the action will take place in the Eastern Kingdoms. The main heroes are Anduin Lothar (Travis Fimmel) of Stormwind and Durotan (Toby Kebbell) of the orcish Frostwolf tribe.

You can find nore information about Warcraft movie and watch it here: . It is considered to be the first film in the series, which will continue the history of World of Warcraft. Duncan Jones, the director, known for his award winning science fiction films Moon and Source Code, also took part in the co-writing of the screenplay.

The World of Azeroth

The world of Azeroth includes three major continents: Kalimdor, The Eastern Kingdoms and Northrend. Eastern Kingdoms includes two sub-continents – the Southern and the Northern continent of Lordaeron. In addition to these continents there are two large islands - Kezan (the land of goblins) and Zandalar - the birthplace of troll civilization. The continents and islands are surrounded by the Great Sea. In the middle of the Great Sea is an endless swirl of Maelstrom, which is located in the underwater city of Nazjatar, the birthplace of the naga. In ancient times, Azeroth consisted only of one continent and the lake of sparkling energy, later called the Well of Eternity. When the well exploded at the end of the War of the Ancients, this continent was split.

Production Details

The film’s budget is set at $220 million. Every single dollar goes into the realization of the beauty of the world of Azeroth. As the director said he wants to make a movie that would reach the hearts of even those who are not familiar with the World of Warcraft. Game developers are constantly in contact with the filmmaking team and regularly send them all the necessary sketches.

As you may know, there were many attempts to create the movie based on Warcraft universe, and for many reasons this could not be done. The film will not give advantage to anybody, but will tell a story about heroes on both sides, trying to avoid a typical set of conflicts.
The film will also have a few completely new characters that haven’t existed before in the history of the universe.

Visual Effects

The effects team has created such a complex environment that the camera can partake in any direction and shoot at various angles, moving from one object or actor to another, without interruption. At the same time, everything will look extremely realistic. According to Duncan Jones, special effects will look like the Lord of the Rings and Avatar in one bottle.

A heavy usage of motion capture has also been confirmed by the creators. This is primarily due to the fact that the entire tribe of Orcs was required to look plausible.

The fighting style in the Warcraft movie differs from everything you’ve ever seen before. The outfits of characters were very heavy, coordinating was difficult, but in the end on the screen the fights turned out great. The actors who have seen the fully rendered CGI shots confirmed that visual effects in Warcraft are incomparable to anything else.

The Soundtrack

The score was composed by Ramin Djawadi. One of his most famous works is the title theme of the Game of Thrones series. Ramin was also a composer for the first Iron Man movie and Pacific Rim. His last work can be heard in the Dracula Untold.

The Sequel

The director said that he would gladly return to make Warcraft 2 if the audiences will like his job on the first movie. Let’s hope that people will enjoy it, so we can see more of Jones’ creative magic on our screens.

You will have a chance to watch Warcraft movie on March 11, 2016 worldwide.

Reasons to play World of Warcraft

If you didn’t know, World of Warcraft (WoW) is one of the premier subscription MMORPGs. The massively multiplayer online role-playing game was developed in 2004 by Blizzard Entertainment. It is the fourth released game set in the fantasy Warcraft universe and the most successful multi-player game. The game was first released in mid-1990s and was based on Warcraft series RTS games.

The game was expanded from the previous single player franchise to a vibrant multi-player game. Believe it or not, there are more than twelve million subscribers who regularly play the game. In addition, the game holds Guinness World Record for the most famous MMORPG by subscribers. 

Various games in World of Warcraft’s history have attempted to replace the throne build by Blizzard Entertainment. However, the game has been one franchise that has stood out above the rest in dedication and sheer size. Various subscribers get to engage themselves in role-playing, dungeon instances, PvP, PvE, arenas, battlegrounds and raids.

World of Warcraft takes place in the world of Azeroth, and has spread the entire genre into large markets all over the world. Subscribers enter the fantasy of sorcery and realm of swords, mystical creatures, high adventure, world turmoil and war.

The game has received four various expansions. The first expansion, Burning Crusade was developed in 01-07-2007. The Wrath of the Lich King, which was the second expansion set, was launched on November 13, 2008. The third set, Cataclysm, on December 7, 2010. Lastly, there is the fourth expansion set of the game, Mist of Pandaria, which was released on September 25, 2013.

The game still rocks and has had its fifth expansion set released on November 13, 2014. One of its recent developments, Mist of Pandaria is the most common among several subscribers. This set introduces players to the Eastern kingdoms that have been hidden magically from the time of sundering and to a new land which is located south of Kalimdor.

The franchise’s inhabitants are the Pandaren. They are a neutral race of humanoid pandas and are influenced by Chinese legends, wuxia and myths. They can either choose to join the Horde factions or the Alliance.

The expansion sets of the game aim at improving the game standards. For example, the level cap of the game has been raised from eighty-five to ninety. In addition, they have also introduced a new pet battle system known as the Monk class, new raids, battlegrounds, dungeons and many more.

Even though, World of Warcraft has become the most popular game among various players, there are several features that have led to the contribution.

The first characteristic of the game is Role-playing. The feature is created to allow you take a set of skills, class and race and combine them into a personality that transcends the franchise’s mechanics.

Another feature is that it is a massive multi-player and online game. The game allows you to join millions of other subscribers and players at any time. You can be able to be part of the world that is full of action and fun.

Through the Warcraft Universe, you can enter into the world of epic story telling which has had a legacy for over fifteen years. The feature is adventurous and allows you to have great fun.

Another characteristic of the game that makes it the most popular subscribed game is its persistent online personae. The feature enables you to create a maximum of fifty characters. In addition, the characters get to grow their skills, with each game session. Their weapons, monster defeat, and armor equipments also advance with each level of the match. You might just have no worry of ever reaching the end of your adventure.

Lastly, there is the Magic, Mystery and Adventure feature of the game. The main adventure of the game is obtaining and completing quests, and there is no limit. Throughout Azeroth, from dungeons, raid locations, battlefields to the busy streets, a host of legendary experiences await.

Some of the reasons to playing the game are that, unlike other multi-player games, World of Warcraft runs smoothly on a range of various computer operating systems. The user interface displayed is simple and allows you to get started quickly. 

The game appearance enables you to view other pages without having to pause at a loading screen while the game is retrieved from storage. In addition, the environment in which the game is presented is fabulous. It and allows various players to enjoy the game while appreciating the careful blend of fantasy art, realism and cartoon.

So, if you are looking forward to an appealing, unique, viable, attractive game, then, you might want to consider playing World of Warcraft. The game has various mechanisms. The tools have been developed with a distinct feel and look offering choices to players.

EverQuest Next Preview

EverQuest Next is an upcoming pioneer in the field of massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) and is the ultimate successor to the EverQuest, EQ Online Adventures and trhe second part of the game. The famous and popular developer and publisher Daybreak Game Company released the supplementary details in the month of August 2010. During this period the development was in it’s premature phases and criticism was being solicited from the existing EverQuest, EQ Online adventures Frontiers and EQ 2.

As a crazy online game lover I am a great fan of EverQuest, EQ Online Adventures Frontiers and the second part of the game and they are really fantabulous. All game lovers like me are looking forward to having much more thrilling gaming excitement from the upcoming EQN. EverQuest Next is not gonna be the sequel or prequel either of the existing franchise and the players are going to have a parallel world of Norrath

If you want to find out detailed information about EverQuest Next visit fansite contains a lot of guides and information about EQN: classes, races, skills, crafting and so on. As you know the game is not released and a lot of information is not available, but this site has everything you need to know about the game. 

Some characters and locations may seem familiar but the specific relations and events are likely to be diverged from the previous concepts of other games and overall the marvellous time will be back for the gamers to hold their breath and just carry on playing the game. The intention of the developer is quite clear and their intention is to create a trait of gaming more like to the previous EverQuest but by the side of that they also want to retain the advances of the MMORPG design which has been improvised during the period when the game has been firstly launched. 

Daybreak game company is going to use the game engine called “Forgelight” for the upcoming EQ Next. Forgelight positively focuses on the lighting effects and it materializes the intention of the game developing company to make the game characters more and more realistic. This game engine is absolutely used for it’s next generation gaming consoles advancement while making the graphics of the game more realistic. EverQuest Next game engine re-defines the previously cartoonish graphics and heads towards realism.

The gamers of all over the world is eagerly waiting for this new sensation and their nail biting excitement will meet their reality in a few days. The most exciting key features of this game will be the four "Holy Grails". This will be apioneer in the world of massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG). This game will provide the gamers with the opportunity of choosing multiclass systems that means they can create their own cherished characters.

In this game, anything will be blown up anytime or anywhere. From the gigantic mountains to the smalls, all the elements in EQN are constructed completely of tiny voxels, which permit the players to construct or destruct any part of the virtual gaming world of Norrath. This feature is going to be loved and pampered. The playable universe and environment of the EQN is hundreds feet deep in so the players can dig down to discover ancient caves, temples and so on.

Sever wide public quests can take months of real time to complete and can also have a great and permanent effect on the gaming consoles. While completing one stage the players will never understand what’s gonna happen in the next piece. This feature is going to meet the players with untasted experience. As the players progress in the game, the next quests will be introduced on the condition of what the players have done before in their previous quests.

There are dozens of classes to be experienced in EverQuest Next. The weapon styles will be innovative and they won’t have the usual look. It will have characters like Beast Lords, Blade masters, Clerics, Elementalists, Paladins,Rogues and so on. As always, the players will be able to pick their missions according to their own choice and the special thanks goes to the Multiclass system which has made this feature possible to experience. This is gonna be a great online and offline gaming experiences for the gamers.

Dark Elf, Dwarf, Elf, Human, Kerran, Ogre are the confirmed races of this EverQuest Next game. Religions and gods are very important aspects of the world of Norrah. So the new version of this game is expected to be available all over the world soon and the gamers are waiting for that boom boom gaming experience.

World of Warcraft Comprehensive Review

Fantasy has made wonders! One of the wonders is Massive multi player online (MMO) games. World of Warcraft is one of such games and since 2004 when it was released; it has touched the hearts of MMO gamers all over the world. The game has grown to be the most popular of all the video games available.

Then what makes this game so popular? What is the reason behind the mushrooming command of the game on gaming fans? The game is the highest gross income generating video game in the entertainment industry. Let’s have a look at what makes the game unique.

How is the game played?

A player will subscribe to the game online and make prepayments through credit or debit cards online for play time. The player then will select a server that for the purpose of the game is referred to as the realm of the player. This acts as a virtual world where the players roam in fighting monsters, exploring the landscape and completing guests and meeting other non-player characters.

There are four categories of these virtual worlds called realms. One is the normal one where player interacts with the environment and another where player interacts with another player. In the third, players act as an in-character and finally where the players have two faction characteristics as variant player and cross faction players.


  • The game involves massive number of multi players who play online. They are in thousand and this brings the game into full life and action.
  • Role playing- races are taken and transformed into ideas and finally personality. They are what you see as the game is played on.
  • Mystery, adventure and magic. It involves obtaining and completing quests but there is no shortage for their solutions. The solution providers may be found anywhere in the imaginary place called Azeroth. Funny, there is no hurry or worry of the quest givers having adventure finished.
  • Persistent online characters - the game involves creation of characters, advancing them in each step as game play goes on. New armors, equipment and weapons are also developed in the process.
  • The game is distributable digitally. This is through CDs and DVDs and therefore available in many parts of the world.
  • The game is supported on platforms such as Microsoft Windows and OS X.


  • It has parental controls. This allows parents to regulate the playing time of children because the game is addictive. The playing schedule can be monitored easily by setting daily and weekly limits.
  • The game develops the skills of the players. It enriches them with knowledge of first aids, archeology and about tools and weapons.
  • It is the best source of entertainment. This is because it is played online and the game can is played by many players. It can be a friend to you during the leisure time.
  • It has different subscriptions. This is because it comes in varied packages hence giving the users an option of choosing depending on the size of the pocket.

What makes the game popular?

You cannot question the popularity of the world of warcraft. Why? Talk of the number of subscribers and the awards it has won since its release. Go through these statistics and you will agree with me;

  • Mac OS x Entertainment product award in 2005
  • Best TV and multiplayer game award in 2005
  • Honored in the 59th annual technology and engineering Emmy awards
  • Ranked 11th on the all time best 200 games in 2009
  • The game has more than 10 million subscribers.

What you may not like

World of Warcraft may be an expensive game for the users. This is because it needs a subscription for the users to be allowed to continue the play. You can subscribe monthly, three month or six months subscriptions.

There have been critics that the game contains a potentially harmful malwares to your computers. In 2006, there were claims from subscribers who had their computers infected. This is due to the fact that the game is available in black-markets. If you purchase the game from the black-market, then your computer is at risk.


Although the World of Warcraft has been criticized in the recent days, it has silenced those critics by winning multiple awards since its release in 2004 including the Editors choice award. It has been described as the best game for entertainment and recreation. Time will tell whether the popularity of the game will continue hitting the sky or this are the last days of this amazing game. The world only needs to stay calm watch.