YouTube Videos - Introduction

Internet gives a lot of potential but you must do correct things in order to use it. One of the most interesting ways of promoting your company is video marketing. Do you like to watch different videos? I bet yes. It is interesting to watch promo videos of big companies. Multimedia content attracts people better than images or articles. Now answer the question: do you use videos in your marketing strategy? I think no.

YouTube is one of the best websites for sharing your personal and company videos. Millions of people visit YouTube every day. It can be a good source of customers. What benefits can YouTube give? Well, you can create a video, give a link to your website or product, upload it and wait for result. If your clip attracts people you will get a lot of views. Every person who has seen it can become your customer. YouTube allows everybody to upload and share content that attracts clients to your firm or website. Just imagine, many clips on YouTube have about 100 000 views, but popular clips can get much much more.

Why to use YouTube?
There are a lot of similar services in the internet but one of the best for you is YouTube. It must become your #1 website for video marketing. Why to use YouTube?
  • It is the leader in its industry. You should work with leaders to be successful.
  • It has a lot of visitors and active users. You will not have to attract traffic. Your clip will be seen anyway. If your niche is narrow you will be able to attract many viewers. Popularity of your clip will depend on its quality and topic.
  • Everybody can share your videos on different websites. YouTube has a special code allowing users to “repost” your clip. It is easy and can be done in less than a minute.
  • Allows to upload HD videos. Most of people have fast internet and prefer to watch in high quality. It is great because quality content is better for your business.
Not all products or services are good enough for video marketing but you can find how to use clips in your business anyway. For example you can give reviews telling information about your products, you can show how to use it (advanced techniques or secrets), you can interview people who use your products.
If you are a singer and want to promote yourself you can create a quality clip. It can get million views and great respond.

Do I need to promote my videos?
Well, great video will find its way to public but you must do all your best to help. The best way is to create interesting clip, upload to YouTube, write a description, add tags and place it on your website. Not every video can get many views but if you will be lucky you will get many new visitors and customers.

This post is a quick introduction. In my next posts I will tell you some more information about using YouTube for your business. Hope it will help you to get more customers.